Matcha Mille Crepe London, we London's no1 for Matcha Mille Crepe.  At Sakurado, it’s all about authenticity. Kayoko, our Japanese chef, works on our premises with ingredients from Japan to create cakes and bento that will appeal to the epicurean in us all. It can be washed down with our green tea from Kyoto, or other fine Japanese teas we stock.

Sakurado means House of Sakura (Japanese cherry blossom), and can be taken to mean both a formal discipline and an informal canteen. Kayoko grew up near the banks of Nishiki River, where the sakura flourish and are framed by the famous Kintaikyo bridge. There she would help her mother bake cakes to entertain her friends at home.

Kayoko missed those Japanese cakes when she arrived in London 13 years ago. Less sweet than Western cakes, they have a wonderful texture and melt in the mouth. The matcha mille crepe is our signature dish, and is as lovely to the eye as to the mouth.

Kayoko has been baking at home for friends since she arrived in London. Now, at the Sakurado kitchen, she will bake for all. And she has helped us create the ultimate bento boxes, with that attention to detail which is hard to find outside of Japan.

Please come to Sakurado and enjoy our bento and cakes, together with fine Japanese teas. Matcha Mille Crepe London, Matcha Mille Crepe Kensington, Matcha Mille Crepe Chelsea SW3, Matcha Mille Crepe South Kensington SW7, Matcha Mille Crepe High St Kensington W8, Matcha Mille Crepe Fulham SW6, Matcha Mille Crepe London NW1,