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Japanese Bread

Japanese Afternoon Tea

Our Mille Crêpes comes in a range of flavours including Matcha, Chocolate, Black Sesame, Coconut and Lychee.

Our latest creations


Sakurado, meaning House of Sakura;  Mille Crêpes, as well as an array of fresh, healthy, creations inspired by the finest Japanese ingredients.


What our customers say

“On the way out, Mei gave me a piece of Matcha green tea Mille Crêpe cake to try. Wow, so nice, will come again this Sunday with my family for lunch!”

Customer feedback, 2020

“Randomly popped in to Sakurado cafe (During blizzard) had the best (on the move) lunch BENTO cooked by a proper Japanese chef. Really filling and tasty.”

Customer feedback, 2020

“Wow, this is something I never tasted before, not too sweet, and just right, and so soft, melting in the mouth.”

Customer feedback, 2020

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